"Never had a tumor stomping party with any other patient. You both continue to inspire me." ~ Jennifer B, Pediatric Surgeon, Children's Hospital Colorado

"You and your sweet Emily have made me a better mom. I watch your story unfold on FB, have read some of your blogs, and I hold my kids a little longer. I read one more story at bed time, and try not to lose my patience when my 11 year old irritates the 2 year old. I know I haven't seen you in years, our lives crossed but for a short time. Thank you for pouring your heart out and sharing your story. I pray all the time that your little girl will soon be healthy and strong. I pray that she will be a sassy 11 year old who plays her music too loud. You are an amazing mom, thank you for helping me to work harder at being a mom. God bless" ~ Carrie C. Kansas

"God bless you, you are so inspiring and I know you are going to help so many families not only get through this awful experience but come out stronger and better and with more joy for life" ~ Alex B. Canada

"I cannot wait to see the impact you can make with this book!" ~ Christina C. Pennsylvania

"Tara, you are amazing. I read your stories and am pushed to tears every time. Thank you for sharing." ~ Wendy S. Colorado

"Thank you for taking the time to share with us. As usual, I am moved to tears and encouraged by you." ~ Maryann F. Staten Island, NY

"Simply said - you two are an inspiration" ~ Shari S. Westminster Colorado

"God bless two of the most brave and amazing women that I have the honor of knowing" ~ Margaret P, New Jersey

"This book will be such a gift to countless families and children!" ~ Lemuela D

"Tara- you and Emily have been through so much. I so admire you as a woman and a mom." ~ Pam C. Littleton Colorado

"I am blessed to be Emily's fifth grade teacher. Not only is Emily a survivor, she is a very strong, independent, smart & talented student. Her kind heart and do the right thing attitude make her loved by all. I hope that this book gets published to help everyone in their unpredictable journey of life" ~ Denise M. New Jersey

"I love getting your updates. It keeps my worries in perspective" ~ Yvette Y, Aurora Colorado

"I didn't have kids yet when I watched Emily fight cancer. Her amazing mother Tara Geraghty came up with fun ideas to make fighting cancer fun! Watching Emily's journey made me laugh, it made me cry, it showed me the love a parent has for their child. Now Tara wants to share with others the fun ideas she did. My favorite were the Tumor Stomping Party& the Puke List" ~ Kym B. Denver Colorado

"I'm so glad you're doing this project and sharing your ideas. It's inspired from a great source. What a positive way to help kids face a hard experience>" ~ Nilufer F. Colorado

"Tara this is your mountain... and what's more you are not only finding the meaning and giving yourself and Em the strength to move that mountain, but the two of you have touched so many people and are spreading hope, faith and strength to the rest of us - even when we didn't know we needed it. You are blessed and you are loved... always know that! I wish I could hug you right now... you totally made me cry... " ~ Kate P. Bergen County New Jersey

"I remember meeting you and Em when she was in the midst of her cancer and being in complete awe of both of you and your ability to handle things so well. The world NEEDS to read this book! The rest of us need to know how to handle life in a positive way if it throws us the C word" ~ Irene S, LCSW Denver Colorado

"Thank u for making me cry while I read this post. Once again opening up my eyes to what is really important in life. XOXO" ~ Beth O. Middlesex County New Jersey

"And THIS is why you guys will make it out of there with your sanity...you make the most of it and keep on rolling. I always said you could either laugh or cry and, even though tears are inevitable at some point, it's so much better to keep your spirits high ((hugs))" ~ Gina J. Colorado Springs CO (Fellow #miraclekid Mom)

"Thank you Tara for allowing us to feature your awesome effort as our charity at the TWO RIVERS WOMEN IN BUSINESS CONSORTIUM networking breakfast in January! We are so proud of you & our group to be a part of so directly helping suffering parents dealing with the nightmare of severely ill children. Thanks to you, TRWIBC is able to live it's mission: "Embracing our sisterhood to help humankind, one lipstick at a time." ~ Debbie D. Founder TRWIBC, Monmouth County New Jersey

"Your amazing and a inspiration to anyone that has to go through the challenge of a sick child" ~ Ronnie K. Miami FL

"Tara, and Em...God bless both of you! I know that your strength and amazing character have so helped in Em's healing! And you are the most incredible Momma ever! You are blessed beyond your wildest dreams, stay strong and keep the laughter going!" ~ Shawna H. Denver Colorado