I am delighted that Tara and Emily have chosen to share their very personal take on this journey. They took control of the fight rather than letting the massiveness of the battle overwhelm them. Tara also actively empowered Emily to take charge of her own battle, even at age 3. They are living proof that cancer may take things from you, but it can’t take away your spirit or the essence of who you are. Clearly, stupid cancer messed with the wrong kid.

The lessons in this book are not just for parents, but for medical providers as well. If you are a doctor, a nurse, advanced practice provider, child life specialist, physical therapist, etc., and your practice touches the lives of children with cancer (or more appropriately, children with cancer touch your life), then this book will teach you things.

Jennifer Bruny, MD
Director of Surgical Oncology
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Proud Miracle Kid Sidekick

“As an Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse for the last 10 years, I have seen patients and families experience the diagnosis of cancer in many different ways. Tara and Emily were truly unique. I have no doubt in my mind that Emily’s success in healing and remaining cancer free are due to the wayTara chose to approach this disease and treatment. Making Cancer Fun is something I would recommend to any family facing the challenges of this devastating disease. Even if the outcome is not the same as Emily’s, this book will help families and patients to make the absolute most out of a debilitating situation. This book is brilliant!!”

— Nanette Cavanaugh, RN
Banner Desert Medical Center – Oncology

“Cancer Fun!?! This was my first thought when I heard the name of this book. Then, I remembered who I was dealing with! Of all the families, Emily’s mom was determined to make this time the best she could for her ‘Miracle Child.’ I remember being in an elevator with other people, taking Emily somewhere, and Tara had a hand puppet that was talking to people riding with us.  Some parents wouldn’t have done this for embarrassment to themselves. Tara was selfless when it came to Em, if it made Emily smile, Tara would do it. I saw that parent later in the day and they asked me if ‘the mom’ was ‘okay’. I had to laugh and say, ‘Yes, she is just trying to make her daughter laugh.’ Reading this book, has brought me back to those days and how much effort Tara put into making sure Emily had ‘fun’ in the scary world of cancer. Sharing her experience with actual events and providing interactive ideas, can help kids of all ages. As Oncology nurses, we meet people on their worst day, and this book helps to bring some insight and sunshine into the darkest of days.”

—Melissa L. Vickers, Pediatric RN, BSN

“It took a lot of strength and courage for Tara to revisit the emotions attached to this traumatic time. I am so grateful that she did. This book will change the way families face cancer and disease going forward. I watched in awe as Emily laughed and had fun through the most challenging and difficult time I could ever imagine a child experiencing. Tara and Emily’s positive attitude turned their worst nightmare into an incredible display of perseverance, courage, and even joy. I’ve been an Oncology nurse and patient advocate for 12 years. Making Cancer Fun is the most valuable tool I’ve seen throughout my nursing career. This book will empower families to gain control over a terrifying situation the best way they can. These tools will enable parent’s ability to bring smiles to their loved ones and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Tara has presented us with an incredible gift and I encourage ALL patients and families who are fighting illness to read this book!”

— Christine Frodella RN, OCN
Oncology Nurse Navigator
Heme Malignancy and Bone Marrow Transplant Program
University of Colorado Hospital

“Cancer completely changes families; sometimes families flourish and sometimes families fall apart. Families who can find joy, reasons to have gratitude and a few ways to have fun are so much more likely to flourish! Tara brings so many practical and tangible ideas to the table on how to make the awful reality of cancer a little more manageable by celebrating the little (or big) successes! This book will be a great resource to new families as they begin their journey in the kid cancer club.”

—Jocelyn Zauche MS, CPNP-PC, FNP-BC, CPHON

“Tara Geraghty has mastered the art of positivity in the face of darkness. This is the ultimate survival guide for a family facing what is undoubtedly the ugliest and scariest times of their lives. This survival guide will provide you with the tools needed to stay strong as a family unit—no matter the surrounding dynamics of your own personal situation. Sharing in Tara and Em’s journey will surely bring you one step closer to experiencing an inner peace and allow your family to find a way to say ‘LIFE IS GOOD’ in a very difficult time.”

— Jennifer A. Giordano RN-BC
Saint Peters University Hospital
Camp Quality New Jersey